China Resources Enterprise Property Investment Company Limited (abbreviated as CREP) was inaugurated in 2000. Formerly named as CRE Properties (Hong Kong) Limited. With its predecessor of the Property Department of China Resources Enterprise Ltd. CREP’s commercial properties in Hong Kong are mainly situated in the CBD of Hong Kong, including Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan etc.

CREP has a team of professionals with rich experience in commercial property investment and operation. Over the years, the team has continued to optimize the company's portfolio of properties and actively explore the investment and operation of retail properties in communities, while improve the assets value of properties under administration through pinpoint project investments and quality updates and modifications. Additionally, the team has dedicated to strengthen the theme planning, marketing supporting and investment landing measures to expand operational capabilities with digitalized services and intellectualized management, and thus to establish a neo-retail ecosystem.